The EIFS system or the Exterior Insulation Finishing System is a popular building material that has revolutionized the construction industry. Also referred to as ETICS or External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems, this EIFS system is a cladding system providing exterior walls with waterproofing and an insulated finish. It is an energy-efficient thermal wrapping or a protective wall coating that is installed in any type of building.

EIFS vs. Stucco

The EIFS system is similar to stucco but has different maintenance needs. Moreover, stucco is cement-based, while EIFS is an acrylic-based system. Stucco has no insulation board, while EIFS has an insulation panel.

The Benefits of the EIFS System

The popularity of the EIFS system came from its optimal thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Moreover, it offers endless design options. It is an excellent option for homeowners and business owners alike as it provides savings from energy costs. The other benefits include:

  1. Breathability – The EIFS system helps prevent moisture buildup. Its excellent breathability is perfect for any structure and the safety of the members of the household. Its moisture control is incomparable to other materials.
  2. Reducing condensation – Unlike other stucco siding and wall materials, EIFS offers insulation that does not allow condensation to take place. It outperforms other materials like the traditional stucco, fingerboard, and brick, among others.
  3. Thermal efficiency – EIFS provides adequate thermal efficiency as it can accommodate any u-value requirements.
  4. Design friendly – Together with its proven functionality, the EIFS system has unlimited design options that allow families to maximize their design preferences. Architects can conveniently express their creativity with this material. It is rich with texture and is perfect for any color choice.
  5. Space saving – This type of stucco does not affect the interior floor space, providing property owners the living space they require.
  6. Low maintenance – It has superior resistance to mold, dirt, chalking, mildew, fading, and yellowing. It is easy to clean with the use of hosing. It may not even require painting.

EIFS Repair Guide

EIFS, like the traditional stucco, is very durable. However, it could also deteriorate over time. Especially when poorly installed, cracks may appear and should require the right amount of care or, if needed, immediate EIFS repair Daytona Beach. For stucco, cracks are more common, which is why stucco repair is available for patching the areas affected. When the damage is brought about by aging, it is important to inspect the property first. This will guide the contractors in determining the extent of the damage. A typical sign of wear and tear is cracking or chipping. So, it would help if you do not worry about your property because this can be resolved by EIFS repair. However, if the damage has long been causing issues to the structure, water may have penetrated the sidings or the walls. That is why inspection is necessary to cover all problems present. In any case, after the inspection, the repair process commences restoring its quality, durability, and appearance. If you think that your property needs EIFS repair or stucco repair, contact the professionals to take a look at it sooner before the problem worsens.

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