Tile flooring is highly customizable, making it easy to craft the perfect look with just a bit of planning and creativity. Large-format tiles are especially well-suited to creating this effect due to their minimal grout lines and classic appearance.

Herringbone or chevron patterns add movement and visual interest to floors, particularly long corridors. These designs pair well with natural-looking materials such as hardwood, further accentuating their vibrant colors and textures.


Herringbone and Chevron patterns are popular choices for flooring, but can also be applied to other surfaces such as walls and pavement. Masonry often utilizes these patterns as accents.

Herringbone can make for an attractive option on wood floors, especially bedrooms or bathrooms. Since herringbone involves repeating V shapes, it should only be applied in areas without excessive moisture exposure.

Herringbone patterns add visual interest and movement to any room, from kitchen backsplashes to floor designs that draw visitors in and guide them towards an area’s focus point.


Chevron tile patterns offer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Their mesmerizing zigzag effect creates a sense of space, making rooms seem larger and more open – an especially useful asset in smaller homes.

This bathroom features a wood-effect chevron tile floor for warmth and texture in its space, perfectly complementing the light hues found throughout its walls and countertops for a coordinated appearance.

Tile layouts can transform spaces from floor to ceiling, turning rooms into captivating focal points of design. Their possibilities are vast; from creating an oasis-like experience with soothing designs to infusing an energetic area with vivid geometric arrangements; whatever your aesthetic may be there’s sure to be something perfect out there for you.


Selecting the appropriate tile flooring pattern can have a huge effect on how a space feels. Laying diagonal tiles can give a room an air of longitude and width while vertical ones stacked along walls emphasize ceiling height.

Large-format tile options feature fewer grout lines for a cleaner appearance, making wood-look tiles particularly modern and sophisticated, while natural stones offer timeless elegance.

Basketweave layout offers another appealing choice, creating visual complexity through repeated shapes and colors to form an overall design. This design can become especially striking with patterns such as tiles or unique hues like white or gray tiles.

Borders or Accents

Tile borders and accents add visual interest by drawing the eye with vivid pops of color that draw people’s eyes towards them and can help tie in a space’s overall design theme. Furthermore, these accents help tie flooring with design features in key places within an interior environment – or accent key design features in particular.

Create an eye-catching pattern using tiles resembling a rug for a distinctive and visually striking addition to any room, especially those featuring natural or textured flooring materials such as wood or stone. This look especially beautiful!

Make an impressionful statement with your floor tiles by choosing vibrant black-and-white or bold blue and green tiles to liven up any room, adding natural flair to your DeBary home.


Monochromatic color schemes centered on one hue can create depth and harmony within designs. Their tints, shades and tones can be altered simply by lightening or darkening one base color; making these schemes great ways of injecting contrast in design projects.

As an example, adding white to a base hue creates tints while black provides shades. These various colors, called values, come together in an easily usable yet striking palette.

Tile is a durable surface that offers many opportunities for creative layouts and designs. Consider employing monochromatic hues to form picture frame accents using unique tiles, or create pinwheel patterns using both square and rectangular tiles in different patterns.


Pinwheels are simple children’s toys that spin when exposed to wind. A similar effect can be achieved using two colors in a floor tile pattern to mimic its motion, and create the effect of a traditional Chinese New Year decoration, known as whirligigs which symbolize long life, good health, wealth and luck.

Versaille patterns offer an elegant solution for creating more complex tile designs, using square and rectangular tiles in combination to form an eye-catching puzzle-like layout that adds an eye-catching opulence to any room. Versaille tiles also work great to highlight special tiles like our 17th Century Maiolica de Delft tiles as it gives off an eye-catching, intricate appearance with borders or dado effects that add dimension.

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