The term “style” is often used in describing architectural designs and categories. These categories are historically derived, ranging from Traditional to Modern. Within each style, there are several subcategories. For example, modern farmhouse plans fall into this category. Other subcategories include barndominium plans and modern one-story layouts. These are only some of the many possible styles of houses. Here are some popular examples of style:

Though architects design the majority of public buildings and other types of buildings, the vast majority of homes are not designed by them. This has created an unsustainable relationship between architects and homes. While architects have achieved a cult following for their unique styles and concepts, the relationship between architecture and housing is more of a dangerous dating relationship with no reciprocity. Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect, designed the Usonian Houses during the Great Depression. He was looking for publicity in the void of paying clients. He knew that the vast majority of homes in the United States are designed to pander to the low expectations of the general public. The endless shipping-container-to-home rehabs are a testament to this. While metal boxes can be a home, they should not be the first choice for anyone.

One unusual home design is the Crocodile House in the Ivory Coast’s capital, Abidjan. It was designed by an artist, and is now occupied by an apprentice. Treehouses, meanwhile, are another adventurous alternative to traditional homes. In Czech Republic, the Nine Ladies treehouses, in fact, were occupied by protestors for four years. Apparently, they were a protest against the quarrying of gritstone.

The modern house architecture is characterized by simplicity, but it is not devoid of character. Its modernity is reflected in the absence of complicated motifs and overly-complicated lines. Its clean, minimalist look is reminiscent of art deco. The minimalist aesthetics of these houses are complemented by a few decorative details, such as potted plants. Modern homes are also known for the use of glass and metal in interior design.

Another style of home is the townhouse. These are individually owned dwellings that share a wall with another dwelling, but still have their own entrance from the street. They are most common in large cities. Townhouses save space by sitting next to other dwellings, and make the most of vertical space. These houses may even share common amenities. So, a townhouse design is a great option for an urban setting. A home’s architectural style can make the most of its surroundings, but it is also an excellent choice for a rural setting.

Architects provide many different services for building structures. They supervise contractors and general contractors, write contracts, and research building regulations. They oversee construction, and redraw plans if changes are necessary. Interior designers may not be architects, but they have experience working in architecture firms. They are often responsible for ensuring that the interior design of a house is appealing to the eye. They also coordinate colors and materials to give the building an overall cohesive look.

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