An effective cafe interior design should feature an inviting ambience and special theme, in order to draw in customers who will frequent it. Consulting a professional commercial designer will enable you to craft an idea which brings together all interior elements in order to convey its philosophy.

Color scheme and raw materials should both play an integral part of cafe design; when selecting these elements it should always keep in mind your theme.


Color can make an enormous impactful statement about who your customers are and their preferences in your cafe. Selecting appropriate hues depends on both your brand’s values and who your ideal customers are.

Warm colors like yellow, red and orange stimulate appetite and create an inviting environment in your coffee shop, helping your customers feel at home during their visit. This can increase customer retention rates.

Light colors are ideal for small spaces as they create the illusion of larger space, but light hues may create a relaxed and casual environment, not ideal for coffee shops with high turnover rates. Darker tones, however, create an upscale and dramatic ambiance suited for restaurants serving high-end foods; dark hues may also work well in lounges and speakeasy-style bars.


Lighting used in cafes should fit with their interior theme. For example, rustic design may clash with modern fixtures, and contemporary would clash with traditional bulbs. To achieve an ideal result it is recommended to use low intensity lighting with warm-colored light bulbs for best results.

Modern coffee shops can benefit from multiple windows and skylights that allow natural light to enter. Not only does this add aesthetic value, but also save on electricity costs.

Add artistic light fixtures for an eye-catching touch and to stand out from your cafe competitors. While these lights might not provide bright lighting, their aesthetic could draw customers in and require minimal maintenance costs. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean.


Layout of your cafe is of the utmost importance for its success. An organized space enables customers to move around easily and efficiently, creating the best experience for visitors. Furthermore, considering workflow will ensure enough room is provided for employees to work efficiently.

Your cafe’s theme and concept should be expressed through decor, color scheme, lighting, artwork, seating arrangement and other aspects. Achieve an impactful concept will help bring your imagination to life in the form of a practical layout design.

If your cafe wants to appeal to young customers, its design should have a youth-inspired motif and feature music suitable for its atmosphere – loud rock can detract from creating the relaxation you are aiming for.


Materials play an essential part of cafe interior design. They should reflect your brand and mission while adding an enjoyable customer experience, which a commercial interior designer can help with.

Utilizing raw materials and colors that blend harmoniously is key to creating an inviting cafe space. A good color scheme will add warmth and coziness, although too many dark hues could cause the room to look smaller than intended.

An assortment of different lighting will enhance the atmosphere and create an eye-catching effect, for example incorporating fibreglass coffee mug pendant lights to give your cafe an authentic vibe.


Cafes should evoke a feeling of homeyness through decor, aesthetic, and comfort features. A homely environment helps customers relax while staying focused on their work.

Whenever selecting decor, keep your target audience in mind. For instance, if your cafe serves as a meeting spot for young college students, ensure they can access enough electrical outlets so they can plug their laptops.

Another way to create a homey atmosphere in your cafe is with natural lighting. This will enable the cafe to maintain an airy and bright appearance, without overwhelming customers with artificial lights that might distract from eating their meal. Instead, dimmed lighting can help create this kind of cozy ambiance.

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