No matter if it’s for stir fry, cake batter, or fresh bread – having the appropriate small appliances can help speed up dinnertime! Look for finishes such as brushed stainless steel or black stainless to complement your kitchen design and get dinner on the table faster.

Making time to develop a design plan and research appliance features is essential to creating or remodelling a kitchen you will love.


Refrigerators are essential kitchen appliances that keep food at an ideal, chilled temperature for preservation. Found in most modern homes, refrigerators typically feature both a refrigeration and freezer compartment either side-by-side or bottom mounted for maximum food preservation.

Homeowners with small living spaces who require versatile & efficient ways of preserving perishable items without taking up too much floor real estate should invest in compact refrigeration appliances as a must have item! These handy devices offer versatile refrigeration that fits seamlessly into their small living environments!

Panel-ready refrigerators allow owners to tailor their appliance perfectly with custom panels designed to match their cabinetry, creating the ideal look in their home decor theme. There is an incredible variety of door styles, wood species and finishes available allowing for endless customization possibilities when selecting the ideal panel for their refrigerator.


Use of dishwashers can save both time and energy when cleaning dishes by hand, as well as reduce waste of soap and water. Dishwashers come in all shapes and sizes; from countertop units that sit atop a counter or in-sink units that fit one-half of a double sink, to small portable models which can be stored away out of sight when not needed.

Most modern dishwasher models feature two racks; one lower rack for placing plates, silverware and tall items, and one upper rack dedicated to glassware, cups and saucers. Some models even provide specialty wash cycles like rinsing and holding cycles or quick wash and sanitize options as well as drying cycles for optimal cleaning performance.

Dishwashers come in various finishes such as white, black, slate and stainless. When choosing one for your kitchen, make sure the color matches up with that of existing appliances to achieve an unified look.


Cooktops can be easily installed into countertops and connected directly to either gas lines or electrical outlets for gas or electricity, offering more freedom when positioning in your kitchen than a range. They’re more straightforward and flexible when installing both appliances together as compared to standalone options.

Recent cooktop models boast an assortment of features and configurations, from dual and tri-flame burners allowing for larger pots and pans, fluid edge-to-edge grates on gas cooktops providing an integrated look, fluid edge-to-edge grates on electric smooth top cooktops featuring touch sensors to control precise heat settings, drop resistant smooth glass cooktop surfaces that make cleaning much simpler, as well as drop resistant smooth glass surfaces that make clean up much simpler than before.


A range is an appliance that combines the functions of both an oven and stove into one device, powered by either gas, electricity or both. They come in various styles and sizes to meet the needs of homeowners and chefs alike.

Ranges can either be freestanding or slide-in; the latter being particularly favored in modern kitchens due to its ability to slide in between cabinets for a built-in look. Freestanding models usually feature controls on a front panel for greater placement flexibility.

There are also different burner styles, such as cutting-edge induction models that heat pans rapidly while using less energy, and costs can range anywhere from $350 for an electric coil model with manual clean oven to over $2,000 for professional-style dual fuel ranges.


Ventilation is essential to proper air circulation, diluting metabolic pollutants (carbon dioxide and odours) from metabolic reactions and extracting moisture from the atmosphere. Proper ventilation also prevents harmful gases being released by gas appliances.

Downdraft ventilation systems use air movement physics to eliminate smoke, odours and steam while collecting grease particles. Many models also come equipped with convenient features like utensil racks and lighting for an uncluttered appearance.

Spending the time to identify needs, design a layout plan and research appliance features can help homeowners select products to match their lifestyles and kitchen goals. Consulting with an expert retailer or showroom that is familiar with multiple brands’ features may make a big difference during home improvement shopping process.

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