Kitchen wash basins are large bowl-like receptacles designed for washing hands and dishes in households and commercial kitchens alike.

Dual basin sinks allow users to easily divide washing and rinsing tasks. Low divider sinks give the appearance of one large basin while providing two individual basins.


Kitchen sinks are one of the most essential fixtures in any kitchen space, affecting both functionality and design elements alike. Selecting the ideal sink will make life simpler while giving your home an appealing aesthetic.

Sinks come in different styles: top-mounted (drop-in), under-mounted, flush-mounted or even enamel-covered varieties that offer durability, ease of cleaning and come in various sizes and styles. Stainless steel, stone, porcelain or cast iron sinks are among the many materials that can be found. Some popular enamel covered designs come with multiple sizes and styles available as well.

Double-basin sinks are classic options that provide separate basins for washing dishes and rinsing them, ideal for kitchens with accessible garbage disposals and food prep stations. Top mount kitchen sinks can easily be installed onto any countertop material but require an ‘L-lip’ that takes up valuable counter space.


Selecting the ideal washbasin for your bathroom can be a complex endeavor that includes many questions regarding size, shape, variety and style. Your selection will depend upon both available space as well as individual preference.

While sinks are installed into countertops or vanities and plumbed in, wash basins are freestanding pieces not attached to walls; these units may be placed anywhere on countertops or cabinets and even sit atop pedestal bases.

Kerasan provides a selection of ceramic wash basins designed to meet any bathroom interior. Their durable models feature precise radii, optimized proportions, streamlined surfaces that are easy to keep clean, as well as surface treatments resistant to both water and detergents – guaranteeing your washbasin will look as stunning and functional as it does visually appealing! These modern yet classic washbasins make for the ideal additions in modern kitchens or classical interiors alike!


Sink drains come in an assortment of finishes to complement the design of your kitchen. Some drains even feature additional features, like basket strainers for rinsing or stoppers that keep water contained while cooking or cleaning.

Examine the maximum sink thickness listed with each drain to make sure it will fit your sink. Sinks made from natural stone such as marble or fireclay may require drains with longer flanges for proper installation.

When water that should be draining away from your kitchen sink instead comes back up into it, this usually indicates a problem with your drainage system – typically an obstruction in the trap seal or partial or complete blockage in it. Therefore, it is wise to have a supply of washers available – either locally at hardware stores or online – in case corrosion or rust occur; copper, chrome and high-grade stainless steel washers would work well here.


Faucets are essential components in the kitchen sink, setting the mood and style of any space. Our All-Stars Brenda Venable, Rosanne Robinson and Vicki Lanzendorf all use Moen faucets in their homes and have found great joy using them due to their sleek lines, stain-resistant finishes and straightforward maintenance process.

Pull-down kitchen faucets are among the most sought-after kitchen fixtures, featuring an adjustable spout that can be pulled down from an arched neck and moved through an attached hose to reach all corners of the sink basin. Ideal for washing larger pots or food prep tasks, pull-down faucets come in traditional as well as industrial styles for maximum versatility.

Kohler offers an elegant touchless sensor, suitable for any decor and with several finishes that blend in seamlessly. Furthermore, this model supports voice control capabilities with smart home devices (though you will require compatible devices).

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