Some gadgets may seem unnecessary at first, but they actually come in very handy. Meggan uses her garlic press to mince and crush garlic without touching her hands, while this strawberry huller makes stem removal super simple.

At CES 2024, we saw many innovative kitchen gadgets that can help reduce preparation time and allow more time for enjoying healthy dining experiences. Here are some of the most promising offerings.

1. Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser

Designed with hygiene in mind, the Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser is an incredible convenience and safety asset. Set up is quick and ready for use immediately reducing maintenance time.

This dispenser accommodates standard household paper towel rolls and allows users to customize the number of sheets dispensed. Plus, its smart design automatically retracts any unused sheets.

2. BoilingBeeper

The BoilingBeeper provides chefs with an effective solution for multitasking in the kitchen without losing track of a pot of boiling water. This handy gadget floats inside their cooking vessel and alerts when its boiling point has been reached at 212degF.

The BoilingBeeper is made from FDA-approved food-grade material and is suitable for any size pot. Additionally, its water-activated sensor automatically switches it on and off, and features an ergonomic top that remains cool during safe handling.

3. Joseph Joseph Measuring Cups & Spoons Set

Joseph Joseph has earned a reputation for its innovative designs that combine practical functionality with beautiful aesthetics, such as this kitchen set from Joseph Joseph. It includes mixing bowls, colander and strainer as well as measuring cups that stack neatly for convenient storage space.

Custom measuring cups and spoons make excellent promotional products that will be used frequently by your target market, giving your brand continued exposure. Furthermore, these handy items make great giveaways at food expos and cooking classes.

4. Cuisinart Wine Opener

As an essential tool for wine enthusiasts, this cordless opener provides access to both natural and synthetic corks while simultaneously vacuum sealing bottles to preserve full-bodied flavor. Furthermore, its compact form factor, convenient charging base and stylish features make this piece essential.

Meggan loves this smart tea infuser for its sleek design and ease of use – voice or motion controls can easily steep her favorite blend for 5 minutes exactly! Meggan particularly appreciates its easy operation!

5. Cuisinart Can Opener

This sleek countertop opener is not only quiet and attractive in your kitchen; its Power Cut blade also efficiently slices through can tops without making a mess on the counter!

One-touch operation makes it accessible for individuals with mobility or hand strength issues, while reviewers appreciate its sleek design and effortless operation. Reviewers raved about its versatility and ease-of-use!

6. Braun Hand Blender

Braun’s MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand Blender is an efficient and modern kitchen tool. Equipped with accessories that enable it to perform various functions ranging from whisking, chopping and even soup-making, its capabilities make this hand blender indispensable.

PowerBell technology from Breville reduces suction to create an improved blend. EasyClick system also makes attachment changes effortless. Finally, its strong build makes this machine ideal for processing fibrous ingredients such as kale.

7. Peugeot Beech Wood Pepper Mill

Peugeot’s iconic pepper mill blends tradition and innovation seamlessly, boasting sleek lines and timeless design to withstand fashion trends while simultaneously highlighting their mastery of steel production.

Oleron Pepper Mill features an advanced mechanism designed to last for life. Ideal for grinding black, white and green peppercorns (up to 15% of pink peppercorns), coriander seeds or pink peppercorns with ease thanks to a metal knob for adjustment of grinding settings.

8. Cuisinart Steamer

Add this convenient steamer to your kitchen for delectable, healthy meals! Simply select the food category on the digital control panel (seafood, poultry, grains/veggies/manual) and let its preprogrammed settings do their work!

The powerful steam system provides all-engulfing steam that rapidly and evenly cooks food, in the five-liter glass cooking pot which accommodates family-size portions of vegetables, fish, chicken and rice. Furthermore, its one-liter water tank lifts off for quick refilling purposes.

9. Innovia Meat Thermometer

An accurate thermometer is essential when cooking or grilling, whether indoors or out. These smart wireless units feature a probe connected by heat-resistant cable to a display, with alarm settings when your desired temperature has been reached.

Some models come equipped with preset functions for different kinds of meat. Others provide added convenience by supporting Apple HomeKit with remote and home automation controls.

10. Cuisinart Parmesan Grater

No matter your kitchen needs – from shredding Parmesan for pasta toppings or zesting citrus for cocktails – having a reliable grater can be indispensable – this particular model features extras that make it even more effective: non-slip base that holds and stores shreds; as well as measuring markings on its zester side.

Anna Perling covers home cooking gear for Wirecutter. Previously she wrote for Saveur and Kinfolk magazines as well as having experience working in restaurants and food retail.

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